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Avi helicopter will be in Chengdu Tianfu for flying low carbon environmental protection act

2014-10-30 14:31:40

  Civil Aviation Resource Network October 11, 2014 news: Recently, according to media reports, a Chengdu "local tyrants" aboard a private helicopter to the farmhouse meal, a meal but hundreds of yuan, and each hour flight cost is as high as 5000 yuan. Contrast, netizens have said: the local tyrants the world, can only look up to! Although the net friends to laugh it off, but it is worth noting that in recent years, along with our country to open low voice is high, the use of private business flight of increasingly high rate.
  As the world's top private helicopter manufacturer, Agusto West Lan (referred to as AVI) company is decided Chinese this piece of a potential market of blue ocean, big insight into the trends of domestic shipping industry to flourish and high-end business crowd growing flight demand, combined with China most powerful navigation industry group local dealers Sino US intercontinental helicopter investment (Shanghai) Company Limited (referred to as Sino US intercontinental) together carefully built a nationwide helicopter flying promotion act. The campaign has been launched in Beijing in June, after Beijing, Xi'an two wonderful show, will be held October 15-25, "the land of abundance" went to third stations -- Chengdu.
  The reporter understands, the participation in play avi ace flying models for the AW139 and AW109SP. Among them, AW109SP is the AVI company AW109 Series in the most advanced one, has "air Ferrari" reputation. Highlight the advantages of its safety performance, excellent high-speed driving experience and low oil consumption, to become the world's most popular light twin helicopter, especially by business people all over the world love. The current total of more than 1500 companies producing avermectin AW109 series helicopters, a total of more than 1350 aircraft in the global service, dominate the market light twin civil helicopters.
  AW139 is currently the world's most outstanding performance and recognized as the top luxury medium twin helicopter, widely used in VVIP and politicians summit travel. AW139 currently has nearly 180 customers in over 50 countries, sold a total of about 700 aircraft, of which more than 500 aircraft have been put into use, become the Russian presidential plane, the British royal family, Prime Minister of Italy plane plane, Dubai Royal chartered plane, Ferrari special machine, Beijing Zhejiang Guangdong city police air machine, Hongkong air express by machine......
  Reportedly, coming in 11 at the beginning of Schwarzenegger Nizi carbon in China for 2014 public welfare activities, Sino US intercontinental as the China Environmental Protection for helicopter business partner, Mr. Schwarzenegger for the entire travel offers is avi ace models AW139 commercial helicopter. A Weibai years helicopter manufacturing history, adhering to the manufacturing process of the awareness of environmental protection, focus on research and development of low emission high-tech power system brings about low noise, low resistance, low fuel consumption, low environmental impact luxurious commercial helicopter for the customer. Environmental characteristics is derived from the AW139 screen tough guy, let Mr. Schwarzenegger favored a plus, using helicopters to travel, can reduce the activity in the ground of time, personnel and carbon consumption, but also reduces the fans crowded security hidden danger, take practical action to promote environmental protection.

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