Hangzhou star low altitude helicopter development limited company devotes to the light helicopter research and development, production and sales; committed to applying research in civil aviation in the manned, unmanned areas, emphasis on helicopter flight personal entertainment, training, business flights, aerial photography, pesticide spraying, short distance transport, rescue and emergency medical services etc..
  Hangzhou interstellar low altitude Helicopter Development Company Limited production of "low free" is a private manned aircraft at low altitude, is the ultra light helicopter, is a self-made DIY aircraft, ultralight aircraft, belonging to the oil driven helicopter series, is a large toy plane. According to the function can be converted into: pesticide spraying machine, aerial photography, scientific testing equipment for the flight, the helicopter reconnaissance mapping of aircraft, aircraft patrolling exploration homemade assembly of aircraft, helicopters and other aircraft, home-made homemade.
  Development and technology Hangzhou interstellar low altitude helicopter development limited company to focus on new product progress, closely around the technology independent innovation, set up the ultra light helicopter system for R & D team, the core technology for national independent intellectual property rights, has made a number of utility model patents.

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