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South East Asia Summit Kuala Lumpur 2014 civil helicopters late November opening

2014-10-30 14:31:40

  According to the Helicopter Association International website reported 2014 civilian helicopters, South East Asia Summit will be opened in Malaysia in November 19th to 20 in Kuala lumpur. This session of the two day event will have a government department, production, operation, financing institutions and the industry of Frontier Science and technology represents approximately more than 200 industry experts gathered to discuss the civil helicopter market forecast, Southeast Asia and the latest regulations, Southeast Asia offshore oil and gas exploration of the helicopter market, solve Asia pilot shortage that challenge the best training method and emergency medical rescue helicopters and law enforcement Market outlook. The one and only in this situation, the participants can make full use of southeast helicopter rapid expansion opportunities, strengthen brand awareness, broaden their horizons and increase market awareness, demonstrate the relationship of cooperation and development value of product.
  In Southeast Asia, the civil helicopter operation in about 750, and in recent years the area of rapid market growth of 8%, especially in Malaysia last year, up nearly 10%. Malaysia has a solid offshore operation base, and the importance of offshore oil and gas exploration and production with the strengthening of industrial activity in the region continued to grow. At the same time, Indonesia, Burma and Vietnam in different extent, expanding the market share.
  HAI official website released the schedule
  The first day: Wednesday November 19, 2014
  08:00 guest registration and Coffee morning
  Chairman 08:45 the opening ceremony
  09:00-12:30 Southeast Asia civil helicopter market forecast and the latest regulations
  Navigation regulations will be converted to support sustainable development in Southeast Asia aviation plate
  The navigation opportunities and challenges in the helicopter flight in Malaysia
  Vietnam helicopter fleet expansion plans and pilot training requirements
  Southeast civil helicopter fleet, tasks and future
  Support of Thailand civil aviation development with better infrastructure and a more open environment
  India helicopter operations challenges
  12:30-13:50 lunch
  14:00-17:00 Southeast Asia offshore oil and gas Helicopter Market: supply and demandFocusing Malaysia civil offshore helicopter industry
  Application in Southeast Asia market AC311 helicopter
  Present situation and Prospect Indonesia offshore helicopter services demand
  Future three years in Malaysia offshore helicopter demand forecasting
  Offshore market upgrading helicopter, more energy saving and high efficiency
  Understanding credit and contract: how to oil and gas companies choose operator
  17:30 the end of the first day
  Second days: Thursday November 20, 2014
  08:30 guest registration and a coffee morning
  Introduction 09:00-12:00 helicopter application market in Southeast Asia
  Improve search and rescue helicopter structure
  And natural disasters in Southeast threats struggles
  Helicopter coastal patrol operation upgrade and challenges
  Shaping the helicopter emergency medical service in the future
  For development of Southeast Asia market improve navigation flight crew training
  12:30-13:50 lunch
  14:00-17:00 civil helicopter maintenance and safety
  Simulator based training: an important step towards the safety of flight
  Southeast civil helicopter maintenance, repair and operating (MRO)
  Through comprehensive risk assessment to reduce helicopter accident
  Helicopter fixed operators Innovation: carving out growth and expand opportunities for
  Future helicopter avionics system development

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