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Chengdu low flying helicopters led to question the official: is the safety line

2014-10-30 14:31:40

  If every day to open the window, you can see a helicopter, fly from your home front of the building, which will you be curious, will still be the disturbance? The 22 day, Chengdu a netizen on flight of the helicopter low altitude expressed dissatisfaction with the behavior. The netizen is in micro-blog said, for two consecutive days, Sichuan Xi Lin Feng Teng General Aviation Corporation (referred to as: Xi Lin Feng Teng) love flying club helicopter flew from the midst of their residential buildings, not only the low altitude, but also very disturbing noise. The net friend questioned, route whether can set up in residential buildings?
  Sichuan news network reporter sends in the online micro-blog saw two photos. In the two photo, you can clearly see a white helicopter is flying from the picture on the right side to the left. Helicopter below, is a road, the rear is a few high-rise residential buildings. From the contrast of the helicopter hovered height with the rear floor in the photo, the helicopter was flying height about 30 residents and the rear layer almost. But only from the pictures, unable to accurately judge the straight-line distance of the helicopter and the rear floor of the residents, can not see the helicopter from residents of the building through the behavior between.
  Shooting from the photos point of view, users should be taken in the road on the other side of the high-rise building. Perhaps this netizen called helicopter flew from the residents of the building, referring to the helicopter from across the street across the high-rise residential buildings. Subsequently, Sichuan news network reporter through the micro Bo was trying to contact users post, but has been unable to get a reply.
  The helicopter flight affect the surrounding residents? Flying in the vicinity of residential buildings, the existence of hidden dangers? The flight behavior of the helicopter that, if approved by the relevant departments? Today, the helicopter belonging to the Sichuan news network reporter contacted the chairman of Sichuan Xi Lin Feng Teng Lin Xiaobo general aviation group.
  "We are flying in the airspace approval." Sichuan Xi Lin Feng Teng Ge Aviation Group Chairman Lin Xiaobo said that the flight of the helicopter is in the relevant departments of the national airspace of the approved flight rules are for flying height related departments. For the netizens questioned why helicopter flights in residential buildings between the problem, Lin Xiaobo said the helicopter flight routes are flying on the basis of safety, and through the relevant departments approved, assured the public.

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