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A helicopter crashed in Brazil are the hunt in the river

2014-10-30 14:31:40

  According to Brazil "St Paul page newspaper" reported in September 20th in Brazil, when a helicopter crashed near the city of Fama Furnas River on Saturday morning.
  According to participate in the rescue of the fire officers and soldiers, two people were missing in the disaster, the driver survived. The police said, the police of Antonio's wife was also on the plane, now she has not been found.
  Antonio is a police station in the city garrison commander. The helicopter company, Antonio hired a pilot in the region to carry out high-altitude flying tour. The police said, witnesses saw the plane flying height is very low, is completely nap-of-the-earth. At the same time, consists of five people diving team also began to search in the area.
  Before the crash, the pilot Bruno escaped the aircraft survived. At present, he in accepts the treatment from the 40km of the virgin in the hospital. According to the doctor said Bruno was not injured.

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