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The maiden voyage of the helicopter with the Red Cross to build air rescue system

2014-10-30 14:31:40

  Beijing first helicopter General Aviation Company Limited and Beijing Red Cross recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement.
  According to understand, the maiden voyage of the helicopter and the Beijing Red Cross will take Beijing as the center, created in the national air rescue system; formulate operation mode of air rescue standards and all-weather standby mechanism, standard templates established domestic air rescue operations; to create "air ambulance" flight support team, and will explore the establishment of a system of international cooperation air rescue.
  At present, the maiden voyage of the helicopter and the Beijing Red Cross to Badaling airport as the rescue base attached to medical professionals, perform real-time rescue mission. With rich experience accumulated many rescue helicopter, the maiden voyage formulated rescue flight curing process and air joint rescue "emergency", to complete the operation, flight, approval and other series of work for the first time properly, quickly solve the rescue flight after Gu Zhi sorrow.
  Beijing first helicopter General Aviation Services Limited Executive Chairman Xu Lidong said, the maiden voyage of the helicopter will take this opportunity to cooperate closely with all parties, to explore the establishment of domestic air rescue operations standards and "air ambulance" flight support team, perfect the air rescue insurance mechanism, the construction of professional talent training base. The maiden voyage of the helicopter will focus on integration and utilization of HNA aviation resources, construction of ground to air transport seamless rescue channel and covered with long, medium and short-range rapid transit system.

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